Online chat for active sales & online customer support

Online chat for websites is a three in one product. It can be used for conversations,
feedback form and for the free calls from the site

ActiveTalk — is a simple but effective service which can totally blow your sales and make your business more profitable. How does it work? Before spending all their money, prospects usually search information about product or service. Feedback makes this search easier and faster, besides it holds visitors on your website and gives them an opportunity to understand that you have everything they're looking for. Ask a question and get the answer instantly, that is the basic principle of online chat.

But the main thing is that we give you an opportunity to check all these things. You can establish full-featured version of online chat ActiveTalk for 14 days for free!

Ten primary benefits of using live chat software
  1. Instant results
  2. Simple installation and configuration
  3. Real-time customer connections
  4. Operator-initiated live support capability
  5. Internet-based advertising tracking
  1. Visitor history storage
  2. Pre-set responses and commands
  3. Division-based operator distribution
  4. Visitor-rated operator performance and efficiency monitoring
  5. Quick visitor authentication via social networks.


  • 2013-03-07 News

    On the threshold of travel season in the last days of March The 19th international travel exhibition will be held in the last days of March. It is one of the greatest events in travel and tourism and representatives of ActiveTalk is going to attend it because online chat is one of the most important tools for travel business.

    International travel exhibition is the most important event in the travel branch. During these days different representatives of travel industry is going to discuss the most current issues.

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  • 2013-02-25 News

    Our company is not just a developer and promoter of on-line communication system Activetalk. We also teach effective methods of on-line selling and marketing.

    Activetalk's developer AktivVID ltd company is the part of AKTIV international corporation which main lines of business activity are development and support of software products, e-commerce, consulting and e-learning.

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