Online chat for active sales & online customer support


First step: register at our website, obtain and insert a link into your website HTML code. Then: go to and sign-in, using your login and password details. Now you are all set to go.

We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox as your first choices for effective Activetalk service. You can use any standard operating system for this chat web application.

Yes, you can use our full-function live chat service for 14 days on a free trial basis. All you need to do is register at our website.

If the operator is offline, visitors can e-mail their questions to the address given in the administrative section of the website, using the same button.

ActiveTalk can be set up to display pop-up messages on the computer desktop. See the pdf file for details. This feature is available at the moment only for the Google Chrome browser. Firefox also has the capability to use pop-up windows, if a special plug-in is installed. The Chrome browser is your best choice for using web applications, in general, and ActiveTalk, in particular.

This feature provides the capability to lead your site visitor throughout the pages of your website, virtually holding your visitor’s hand. When this function is enabled, the operator can see the visitor’s computer screen and use the pointer tool to highlight relevant information.

The system can simultaneously provide as many operators as mentioned in the tariff plan.

The Activetalk live chat service gives the operator the ability to invite the visitor to a dialogue, while offering assistance and announcing new available options and special offers. This feature significantly reduces rejections, captures undecided buyers, and increases overall conversion efficiency by 15%.

We recommend that the following module be installed to enable additional features and improve efficiency.

Integration of Activetalk and Google Analytics gives incredible effect: on the one hand you can take advantage of using chat for instant communications with users, on the other hand there is a possibility of data analysis by means of Google Analytics tool. Integrate Google Analytics and Activetalk to track the impact of Activetalk on your website sales. Detailed instruction (pdf) on tuning.