Online chat for active sales & online customer support


Co-browsing. Common navigation with the client

Sometimes there are difficulties with transferring special information just by text messages. In such cases you can use the co-browsing function. This function lets the operator see user's monitor and “drive” him through the site.

Users' monitoring

This function allows you to monitor and analyze behavior of the site users. In any moment you can check the page where user is, see what he is doing right now, or search query that brought him on your website, etc. This information helps to create a strategy of effective online sales.

Active call + active sales

Online chat ActiveTalk lets operators start conversation with the customers by their own. You've already known visitor's aims and needs with the help of monitoring function and now you can ask visitor a question or make specific proposal for this exact customer.

Chat window and chat button design + branding

You can choose chat window or button design from our gallery and you can get a unique design of chat button so it will definitely fit your website. You can also put any advertisement or greeting message to attract more customers.

Operators work quality control

Great part of success depends on the quality of operators work. ActiveTalk functions allow to check reports of each operator or of the whole department for one year, month or day. You also can take into consideration the number of missed calls, check dialogs etc. Visitors of your website can score the operator's answers on five-point scale and even leave a complain.

Secure data transfer

We understand that some companies is concerned about safety of information transmitted through this channel. We guarantee secure data transfer thanks to SSL protocol. Your messages are encrypted and your data is totally protected.

Integration with Google Analytics

You can estimate the effects of online chat with the help of Google Analytics. This function allows to trace the impact of online chat on the conversion and sales level of your website.

Free call from the website

Give your prospects all kind of ways to connect with your managers, give him possibility not only to text to your operator but to call him for free with the help of function free call from the website. Here you can read more about this function.

Redirection of visitors

Sometimes it happens the customer needs consultation with certain specialist. ActiveTalk allows to redirect such visitors to a different operators. It is good for visitors because they can get required information really quickly (redirection almost doesn't take a time). Also it's comfortable for the companies which have several operators' departments with a different responsibilities.

Simultaneous chats

Besides main, ActiveTalk has a lot of additional advantages. And ecomomy is one of them. You can cut your costs for the call centre with th help of online chat. You can't have more than one phone conversation in a time, but you can comunicate with a couple or more prospects with the help of online chat. It means that with online chat you need less operatots.

File transfer

You can send any type of files, prices, quotations, press release, etc, to you prospect while communicating with him. Files should be less than 20 mb.

After-sales service and technical support

After singing up on our website you will get full technical and consulting support of our specialists. We will solve any technical problem promptly and individually. Also we can teach your operators how to deal with online chat and use all its functions for an effective selling.