Online chat for active sales & online customer support

Free call from the website

It doesn't matter how many ways of consultation you propose, phone call will always remain the most popular way to communicate for your clients. 75% of prospects prefer to call to the manager, but for part of them possibility to connect with him is the key point for making a purchase. Function “free call from website” will let you consult your customers for free.

How does it work?

Visitor sees button “call from the website” or “call operator”, presses it and talks with your manager for free. Your visitors don't need to be signed in or install any soft on their computers for realization of this conversation. All they need are dynamics (or headphones) and mycrophone. To connect this function, online chat ActiveTalk must be installed on your website. You need to sign up, enter the administration zone, settings, and tick function "call from website".

What advantages does this function give?

  1. Increase of trust. It doesn't matter which service or product you offer, your prospect always knows that he can press one button and get confirmation of an order, insurance arrangements, additional information. All these reduce the level of anxiety of prospects and encourage them to make a purchase.
  2. Accordance of operative information. Some of the visitors leave your website because they couldn't find required information. Possibility of “live” talk allows not only to hold them on the website but to bring them to the required action (confirmation of an order, registration)
  3. Providing a perfect service. Providing all possible ways to connect with your managers, you demonstrate respect and attendance to your customers, it also makes positive influence on their loyalty to the brand.

This function like all others function you can test for free during ActiveTalk testing period which is 14 days long.