Online chat for active sales & online customer support

Online-consultant– a useful tool in the right hands

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 07:26

The number of websites that actively use an online chat in their work is constantly increasing. Even though this solution has been rarely seen before, now you can find a pop-up window that is trying to offer you its help on almost every other website. Let’s look at how to use this service in order to benefit from it rather than to keep it uselessly on a website.

Everybody knows the sweet smile of a seller and the phrase “How can I help you?”. For almost every shop this attitude is a great way to engage customers and sell their products or services. But online, until now, the communication with users, due to technical reasons has been a bit more difficult. When the live chats started appearing, this problem has disappeared. Today, every website can overcome the geographical barrier, promptly answer questions of their visitors, and possibly turn them into clients.

However, when people only start using this system, they expect that their visitors will often chat with them, immediately leave their contact details, or make a purchase right after they see the smiling face on the consultant avatar. When it does not happen, there is a false belief that the online consultant does not really work. In fact, it can always bring you positive results if only you use it correctly.

How to make visitors use the chat?

If you see that many people visit your website, but only few of them use the live chat option, it is clear that something needs to be changed. Here are the important steps that will let you effectively use this marketing tool.

Visible call-to-action phrase

Add the call to action content „In case of any questions, please contact our online consultant” on your website. The fact is that many visitors simply do not notice the live chat button or they do not pay enough attention to it. If there is a clear and visible call to action text, it gets the attention of your website visitors and makes them more interested in an easy and comfortable communication with a helpful consultant.

Let everyone know

If you use contextual advertising, write that a new online support option has appeared on your website. This helps to increase the number of consultations by 30-50%. Another option – your sale staff can tell clients about the new opportunity to contact consultants through the website (it is much easier to write than to call). You can also add a short news article on your website.

Automatic invitations

Set the function of automatic invitations – content for the pop-up window that will appear in front of your website visitors itself, offering help and contact. In order to do it, you need to set up two parameters in the service setting – the “website time” and the “page time”. The “website time” tells how many seconds/minutes a visitor needs to spend on subpages on your website in order to see the pop-up window with a chat invitation. The “page time” lets you set up this parameter for every page individually. However, it is important to always keep the same proportions – otherwise the online consultant will not work properly.

Attract attention

Button colors and the design of your online consultant should be catchy. Do not be afraid to scare your website visitors with bright colors – the more factors will push a person to use the chat option, the more messages you will receive. However, make sure that your chat does not cover any important parts of your website content.

Everything matters

Every page of your website is usually devoted to certain topic. If you are aware of it and start placing a properly prepared call to action content that promises to solve an important technical problem through online chat on every page, the number of people interested in this way of communication with you will visibly increase.

Chat efficiency improvement

When people begin to write to you, it is important to follow the communication rules that could help you to solve the problems of your visitors and get loyal customers.

Say hello to a user

Your attitude towards website visitors is very important. Do not forget about such trifles as a greeting – you should respect your client from the very beginning. If users do not introduce themselves, you can ask them “How can I call you”? This will let you get their names that you can easily store in your database. Also, try to avoid as many standard phrases as possible – your visitor needs to feel the contact with a real person, not with a robot. Add a personal or funny detail to your communication, for example an emoticon :).

Answer questions

It is more likely that visitors will leave their contact details if they receive answers on their questions. Otherwise they will stop talking to you. So, first try to establish a valuable communication with a potential client and then you can count on receiving his contact details or order.

Do not let your visitor wait

When a user contacts you through chat, he is willing to wait maximally 20 seconds – then he switches to something else or just leaves and visits another website. If you want to get a new client, respond quickly. Even banal greetings and clarification questions are enough – they will give you time to prepare a full answer and keep the attention of your visitor. If you are busy, switch into the “offline” mode – this solution is much better than forcing your clients to wait.

If you do not know, say it

Do not ignore your client when you do not know the answer. Would you stay quiet and not say a word if a client asked you the same question in real life? You can be sure that your client would not be happy. If you do not know something, say that you cannot give a proper answer, promise to clarify information, and ask for contact details, so you can answer later.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

This phrase really works wonderfully, because it allows you to continue the conversation, talk about promotions, and present another product. What is the most important, such an attitude is usually associated with good service.

Benefits of live chat

Well, let’s now talk about all those reasons why is it so important to “suffer” so much while using a live chat. The thing is that the results of your hard work will let you receive a large number of benefits:

Increased customer loyalty

If you are able to give quick answers on all questions of your website visitors, solve their problems, and find necessary products, it will easily increase their level of confidence in your website and add a personal component to your relation – positive experience is always much easier to remember.

Communication tool

Online consultant lets you not only answer questions that have not been answered on your website, but it can also become an additional tool that sells your products or services. Communication work wonders and it is easier to write than to call.

Increased conversion

Online consultant really helps to increase conversion rate of a website – it has already been tested and proven many times.

Correspondence history

Most services allow you to store the history of your communication with clients what gives an opportunity to create your own “portrait” of them. It can become an additional tool to use by managers in the process of finalizing a transaction.

Lead generation

Online consultant collects leads also in an “online” mode while a website visitor fills in an application form and sends it to a website administrator.

It can be said that online consultant is a tool that provides real help in the promotion of your project, but only when it is used properly. This is why you should try to take time to analyze needs of your customers and purposes of the live chat, think about its role in the sales chain and ways to integrate it into your business processes.