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14 days
Lite Pro Premium
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E-mail and phone support
Customer authorization via social media
Chat window and chat button design
Operator efficiency rating
Customer redirection function
Рrotocol of safety SSL
Integration with GoogleAnalytics
Advanced rating and reporting system
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* For websites with traffic over 2000 per day price is discussed individually
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All types of browsers support

Active call — an operator-initiated call to start a live chat with a site visitor

Active (Direct) sale – a pre-set sequence of steps, if taken by the visitor, the visitor receives an automatically generated message

Possibility to redirect visitor to another manager

Inter-operators' chat

Sending files or links to the visitor via chat window

Settings of welcome messages

Simultaneous live support for several website visitors

Correspondence history (information on the visitor, chat messages). Data export feature

User authentication via social networking accounts to access web live chat service

Online visitor tracking (visit duration, previously visited page, website navigation history, OS and browser data, search query, country and city, messaging history for signed-on visitors)

IP blocking (unwanted users can be banned based on their IP address)

Live chat service can be customized to match the website design (see custom color selection)

You can download your own design of operator's button

Set of smiles for the visitors and operators

E-mail and phone support

Sound and visual notifications about incoming messages (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)

Operators’ groups (departments) - new departments can be added, operators can be assigned to the departments, priority operators assigned within the departments

Reporting a complaint (a visitor can send a complaint to the supervisor directly)

Operator performance and efficiency rating (the visitor is requested to rate the operator's responses on a scale from one to five. The supervisor can view the operator’s average rating over a specific period of time)

Daily reports on all operator-assisted live chat sessions with breakdown by operator, department, website section (number of chats, average rating)

Operators may leave their comments on chat sessions, so the supervisor can later receive summary reports on live chat sessions held during the day

E-mail sending of repotrs to the administrator

Free call from site


Co-browsing – a capability to guide your customer throughout your website, virtually holding your customer’s hand (this function enables the operator to see a customer’s computer screen and use a virtual pointer)

Google analytics and Yandex.Metrica integration

Secure data transfer with the help of SSL protocol