Online chat for active sales & online customer support


The button themes

You can choose any color for your chat window and client button, so it will go with your site design.

Personal button design

In case you didn't find anything you like in our theme gallery, you can create your own button design and install it on your site.

Position of client button

You can choose the client's button position on th screen. This option effects a lot on the conversion. The best position for the button – from the left on the middle of the page.

The button code

As the result you'll get the button code that contains all changes you made. You need to set it on the source code of your website.


You can load your logo or banner with any advertising information. So the appearance of the chat will blend with the design of your site and emphasize corporate identity.

The chat code

Here you can choose the color of chat window from the four presented. If you have several different departments, but you need users to just one. You can choose it here and then set that code on the source code of your website. Visitors will see just the department you set.