Online chat for active sales & online customer support


Chat auto run adjustment

This function allows to adjust on-line chat auto run in three different parameters:

- after the certain time passed;
- after visitor browse certain amount of pages;
- also in case the visitor was referred to the page by the address mentioned in the URL adjustment.

Changing the authorization parameters

Any information about user is very important to any sales manager. Here you can adjust on-line chat so it will ask visitor to fill in a short registration form before letting him ask his question. The fields obligatory to fill is chosen by administrator. Besides there is a function of synchronization with social networks.


Creation of message template

ActiveTalk allows to create message template which operators can use during the conversation with the clients. Answers to frequently asked questions will facilitate the operators' work and will help to give fast and informative answers.


Blocking IP

To block the user's IP go to section “Adjustments”, item “Blocked IP”, press button “+”, enter the IP and press “Save”.