Online chat for active sales & online customer support

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Why use ActiveTalk?

Live chat support is an effective tool to improve your web-based sales. Only your completely satisfied website visitors are converted into buyers, and this requires a fast client-oriented.

Your website traffic is high, but sales are still weak?

Our live chat software can fix this problem for you. Monitoring site traffic in real time provides full traffic reporting services with a description of previous page locations, visited pages, site visitor statistics, website entry points, and many other details. All this encourages effective client dialogue and facilitates your live operator service towards higher conversion rates.

What other opportunities are available through ActiveTalk?

In addition to live operator assistance, you can guide your site visitors through your web portal using the Co-Browsing feature, as well as track visitor activity and trends, and monitor your website efficiency and operator performance taking advantage of the advanced reporting capabilities and integration with Google Analytics.

How to understand if ActiveTalk suits my needs?

You are provided with the opportunity to use our full-function live chat service for 14 days on a free trial basis exactly for this purpose.