Online chat for active sales & online customer support


Julia Nabuchotnaja,

sales and marketing specialist

Hotel Lybid' expresses thanks ActiveTalk for the cooperation. Our hotel uses online chat service since July 2012. Implementation of this option on our website provides the growth of users' interest and conversion from visitors to potential guest of our hotel. This program is interesting and easy to work with. Also we would like to extend appreciation to the ActiveTalk team for consultation and help with the system. ActiveTalk managers send letters with the renewals and are always glad to answer to all your questions.


marketer Conference hall Irpen'

A few months ago we decided to connect online chat ActiveTalk. This was the best solution ever! Our managers are answering visitors questions all the time. The level of trust is constantly growing. This service makes the process of obtaining information much easier. Now it become an essential part of our website.

Pavel Anatolievich Bodnar

Respect Hotel Manager

Website-based live operator assistance is a tremendously convenient tool, particularly, for a hotel business. Questions come up all the time, some require urgent action, and you can’t telephone the front desk staff for help each and every time, as the number of daytime phone calls is overwhelming. But you can always use the live chat service to communicate with the helpdesk team online. For clients from overseas who need to find out information about the hotel, this convenient online capability eliminates the need for expensive telephone calls.

Yuri Anichkin ,

Focus Area Leader

In the entire time since we installed this live chat application on our website, Activetalk has proven itself as the most reliable and effective way to attract new clients. Activetalk helps our operators not only to promptly deal with the questions coming from our site visitors, but also initiate dialogue, while offering assistance, pointing out available options and announcing special offers.